This tutorial film is about the painting of the Kookaburra Queen on the Brisbane River. Its is about 1.0 hr long and takes you through the entire process of painting the image in simple, easy to follow steps. You will learn how to;

  • work with wet-on-wet and dry-brush techniques
  • understand and learn how to use warm and cool "grey" tones
  • understand how to utilise the benefits of dark-light & "high contrast" forms to achieve "focal points"
  • the importance of having a clear painting strategy from the outset
  • the importance of laying down your first washes
  • the reasons for working from light to dark tones
  • using "sticky" rich tones
  • understanding how to make the most of your brushes

Watercolour painting for many students is a constant challenge, intimidating and filled with frustration, and if you’re anything like me, it is daunting to know where to start. These tutorials take a lot of the guess work out of the equation for beginner and intermediate students.

My tutorials are essentially REAL-TIME videos over which I have narrated the processes of not only painting the images, but I discuss in-depth the strategies and decisions I make before I paint and as I move through the painting. As a student, my narrations will help you quickly understand the essential (and not so essential) elements in any watercolour painting.

When I first started painting in watercolours I struggled with all the technical aspects of the medium. I didn't understand how water and pigment affected each other. I wasn't patient enough to understand the "benefits" and importance of "gravity" and I just couldn't plan my painting "strategically" before I started to paint. I was left frustrated. However, I was determined to change all that. I took some lessons, I watched a lot of online videos and eventually started to see results. It was a long road, but I kept going and finally I was able to start seeing some results.

A few years on and my works have now been shown in Exhibitions and Competitions both locally and Internationally. I have been teaching watercolour classes for a few years, I undertake specialist watercolour workshops, I deliver watercolour demonstrations to enthusiastic followers....... and I get an absolute buzz from seeing my students' work transform when they finally "understand" a concept or a technique we've been discussing.

All this has propelled me to take my teaching ONLINE and the reason for wanting to share my experiences and knowledge with a broader watercolour audience. I hope my tutorials, in part, turn the light on for you.

My tutorials are;

  • easy to follow
  • can be accessed any time YOU have the time
  • can be played and replayed to adapt to your learning speed
  • meant to be relaxing with an abundance of information, experience, knowledge and TIPS!!

Hope you enjoy this watercolour journey and OUR watercolour conversations!


Szczepan Urbanowicz

Hi, I’m Szczepan Urbanowicz

I am your tutor.

I have been painting in Watercolours for many years and teaching beginners and intermediate students for the last two (2) years. My work has been exhibited both locally (Australia) and overseas and I have been conducting regular specialty workshops and painting demonstrations to a variety of watercolour groups.

I have a passion for painting "plein-air" and I enjoy painting nautical, urban and landscape scenes. Recently, I took up a Artist-in-Residency opportunity with The Wynnum Manly Yacht Club at Manly, Brisbane. This experience will broaden my skills and allow me to deliver even more exciting tutorials, courses and tips to you all.

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